2023–2024 Board Members

Lesley Franconi President
Jim Robinson Vice President
Pat Burkhart Secretary
Dick Guttendorf Treasurer
Carol Fricke Director-at-Large
(position now open) Director of Programs







Genealogy Club Bylaws
Adopted September 2005; Modified March 21, 2017

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Policies
Section 1: Name
The name of the organization shall be the Willow Valley Genealogy Club, hereafter referred to as the Club.

Section 2: Mission Statement
The purpose of this Club is to bring together people interested in genealogy and to foster interest in family history. In addition, the Club provides an opportunity to share experiences and information about researching, organizing, and presenting the results in a useful, informative and interesting manner for present and future generations.

Section 3: Membership
Open to any resident or Team Member of Willow Valley Communities and residents of Lancaster County, who pay the required dues. All members are entitled to vote at business meetings held during Club meetings, receive copies of Club notices, and take an active part in the Club.

Section 4: Dues
To be determined by the Board of Directors, paid annually and due in September.

Section 5: Meetings
Meetings will be held monthly, September thru May, on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at a time and place agreed to by the Board of Directors. Special events and field trips may be convened by the Board of Directors at other times with notification to the membership.


Article II: Board of Directors
Section 1: The Board
• The Board of Directors is defined by Article III: Duties of Board Members.
• Four (4) members of the Board constitutes a quorum.
• The Board meets monthly, at a mutually agreed to time and location, September through June, with both outgoing and incoming Board members at the June meeting.
• The Board will approve the Club schedule and programs for meetings and other activities, approve expenditures and Committee appointments, and advise the President on other Club matters that may arise.
• President, Vice President, Treasurer and Director At-Large must be Willow Valley Communities residents.

Section 2: Terms of Office
• President, Secretary and Director of Programs are elected for a two-year term in odd years.
• Vice President, Treasurer and Director At-Large are elected for a two-year term in even years.

Section 3: Vacancies
The Vice President will fill a Presidential vacancy. In the event that any other elected officer cannot complete his/her term of office, the vacancy will be filled from the Club membership by the President, with Board approval, to complete the term of office.


Article III: Duties of Board members
Section 1: President
• Plan and preside over all Board meetings, with Board input.
• Preside over all Club meetings.
• Appoint Committees, with Board approval.
• Perform other duties required for the efficient operation of the Club.

Section 2: Vice President
• Preside at Board and Club meetings in the absence of the President.
• Publicize the Club meetings.
• Send Club information to new residents, visitors, and new members.
• Perform other duties required for the efficient operation of the Club.

Section 3: Secretary
• Record minutes of Board meetings and maintain an archive of past minutes.
• Record minutes of passed motions and election results from Club business meetings and maintain an  archive of past minutes.
• Send copies of minutes to Board members before the next scheduled Board meeting.
• Prepare and mail correspondence as necessary.

Section 4: Treasurer
• Collect dues and maintain a current membership list.
• Maintain the Club’s bank account.
• Pay expenditures authorized by the President, with Board approval.
• No member of the Club shall receive compensation for services.

Section 5: Director At-Large
• Represent the Club membership at Board meetings.
• Assist the President in providing long term perspective/vision for the direction of the Club.
• Carry out special projects as deemed necessary.
• Function in the capacity of other Board officers during short term absence.

Section 6: Director of Programs
• Chair the Programs Committee that plans and provides programs for each year’s Club meetings, subject to Board approval.
• Assist the President in enlisting members for the Programs Committee.


Article IV: Committees
Section 1: Programs Committee
• Conduct surveys of members for program ideas.
• Develop a series of programs for Club meetings and arrange speakers.
• Make physical and audio/visual arrangements for Club meetings.
• Work with the Vice President to publicize Club programs.
• Recommend conferences, workshops, and special events.

Section 2: Nominations Committee
• The President will appoint a Nominations Committee to be announced at the February Club meeting.
• The Nominations Committee will seek candidates, with their consent, so that both Willow Valley campuses are represented.
• The Nominations Committee will announce the slate of candidates at the April meeting.
• The Nominations Committee will call for additional nominees, with their consent, from the floor at the May club meeting and the election will be held at the May club meeting.
• The newly elected Board members will take office at the end of the June Board meeting.

Section 3: Audit Committee
The Audit Committee, appointed by the President and approved by the Board, performs a biennial audit of the financial records of the Club by June of even years.


Article V: Changes to By-Laws
Changes to these By-Laws may be proposed by the Board or by a petition signed by at least ten (10) Club members. Proposed changes shall be presented in writing at a regular Club meeting. Approval requires a majority vote at the next regular Club meeting.

By-Laws Revision History
Adopted – September 2005
Revised February 12, 2006
Modified April 12, 2010
Modified – October 5, 2015
Passed by Membership – November 17, 2015
Modified – March 21, 2017

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