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We offer a variety of resources; two of them are shared below, and others will be added periodically. Among the available Genealogy Club resources are:

Genealogy Books and Records Maintained in the Club Library

If you would like to browse or borrow one of the resources in the library list below see one of the club officers after a club meeting or contact them by email.

 Genealogy information “lookups” in books and CDs owned by our members, by state, country, and by family surname. If one or more of the books listed below is of interest in your own research, please email the person who owns the book and tell him/her the book title, author, and the name(s) of anyone for whom you are seeking information. Your request will be answered as quickly as possible, but please be prepared for a delay of up to a week for the response.

                  Willow Valley Genealogy Club Library

Topic   Title Author Date
CENSUS 125 Making use of the Census Lumas  
CENSUS 177 State Census Records    
CENSUS 178 Heads of Families- First Census of the United States 1790 – Pennsylvania   1908
CENSUS 179 Heads of Families- First Census of the United States 1790 – New York    
CENSUS 1 1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses    1993
CENSUS 2 1900 Federal Population Census (microfilm)   1996
CENSUS 3 1910 Federal Population Census (microfilm)   1996
CENSUS 4 1920 Federal Population Census (microfilm)   1991
CENSUS 5 Federal Population Censuses 1790-1890   1993
FOREIGN 81 Beginner’s Guide to German Genealogical Research Barth, Thompson 1988
FOREIGN 83 Finding Your German Ancestors- A Beginners’ Guide Hansen 1999
FOREIGN 84 German Church Books – Beyond the Basics Smith 1989
FOREIGN 85 German Family Research Made Simple Conrad 1977 2nd Ed
FOREIGN 87 How to Read German Church Records without Knowing Much German Johnson 1980
FOREIGN 158 In Search of Your European Roots-Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in every country in Europe Baxter 1994
FOREIGN 159 Your Irish Ancestors Black 1974
FOREIGN 160 German Genealogical Research Schweitzer 1992
FOREIGN 161 A Guide to Spelling and Pronunciation of German Names Johnson 1981
FOREIGN 162 A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors Anderson/ Thode 2000
FOREIGN 164 In Search of Your German Roots Baxter 1987
FOREIGN 90A The German Research Companion  Riemer 1997
FOREIGN 90B The German Research Companion  Riemer 1997
FOREIGN 190 A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors Jonas/Milner 2002
FOREIGN 192 Tracing Your Family Tree in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales Chater 2005
HOW TO 37 Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives   1983
HOW TO 43 How to Climb Your Family Tree – Genealogy for Beginners Stryker-Rodder 1977
HOW TO 45 Lest We Forget: A Guide to Genealogical Research in the Nation’s Capital   1982
HOW TO 46 National Archives Microfilm Resources for Research -A Comprehensive Catalog   1996
HOW TO 50 Official Guide to Morgan 2007
HOW TO 58 Quick Tips for Genealogists Smith 2003
HOW TO 97 American Passenger Arrival Records Tepper 1993
HOW TO 98 Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals   1983
HOW TO 99 They Came In Ships – A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor’s Arrival Record Colletta – Ancestry Publication 2002
HOW TO 101 Map Guide to American Migration Routes 1734-1815 Dollarhide 1997
HOW TO 148 My Family Tree Workbook Chorcempa 1982
HOW TO 149 American Naturalization Records 1790-1990 Newman 1985
HOW TO 151 Oldstone’s Guide to Creative Rubbings Oldstone 1953
HOW TO 152 Select List of Publications – National Archives   2010
HOW TO 153 Using Civilian Records for Genealogical Research in the National Archives in Wash DC    
HOW TO 35 Great Courses: Discovering Your Roots: An Intro to Genealogy Colletta – Ancestry Publication 2014
HOW TO 147 Searching on Location: Planning a Research Trip Balhuizen – Ancestry publication 1992
HOW TO 191 Everton’s Genealogical Helper Everton 2001
MILITARY 78 US Military Records-Guide to Federal & State Sources Colonial America-> present Neagles 1994
MILITARY 103 Catalogue of Revolutionary War Pension & Bounty – Land Warrant Application Files    
MILITARY 104 Civil War Genealogy-Basic Research Guide for Tracing Civil War Ancestors Schweitzer 1988
MILITARY 105 Military Service Records – a Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications   1985
MILITARY 106 Military Service Records at the National Archives   2007
MILITARY 107 Records Relating to Personal Participation in WWII- “The American Soldier” surveys    
MILITARY 108 Records Relating to Personal Participation in WWII- American Casualties & Burials    
MILITARY 154 Records Relating to Personal Participation in WWII – American Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees   1980
MILITARY 110 Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application Files Natl Archives  
MILITARY 155 How to Search for your Revolutionary Patriot in Pennsylvania Carousso  
MILITARY 156A Soldiers of the Great War    
MILITARY 156B  Soldiers of the Great War    
MILITARY 156C Soldiers of the Great War    
REFERENCE 13 Ancestors- A Beginner’s Guide to Family History & Genealogy Willard & Wilson 1997
REFERENCE 14 Ancestors-Guide to Discovery: Key Principles & Processes of Family History Research Tyrrell 2000
REFERENCE 15 Ancestry Family Historian’s Address Book  Smith 1997
REFERENCE 21 Directory of American Libraries w/ Genealogy or Local History Collections   1988
REFERENCE 22 Do People Grow on Family Trees? Wolfman 1991
REFERENCE 23 Encyclopedia of Associations, 38th Edit, Vol 1 Part 1   2002
REFERENCE 24 Encyclopedia of Associations, 38th Edit, Vol 1 Part 2   2002
REFERENCE 25 Encyclopedia of Associations, 38th Edit, Vol 1 Part 3   2002
REFERENCE 27 Family Chronicle’s Intro to Genealogy   1999
REFERENCE 30 Genealogy 101- How to Trace Your Family’s History & Heritage Rennick 2003
REFERENCE 31 Genealogy is  More than Charts – Activities to Enhance Your Family History Smith  
REFERENCE 32 Genealogy Starter Kit Dollarhide 1994-2nd ed
REFERENCE 33 The Family Tree Sourcebook Director to American County and Town records   1995
REFERENCE 39 Handy Book for Genealogists, 10th Ed   2002
REFERENCE 40 Hidden Sources   Ancestry  
REFERENCE 44 International Vital Records Handbook – Birth, Death, Marriages Kemp 2000 4th Ed
REFERENCE 53 Organizing Your Family History Search Carmack 1999
REFERENCE 59 Red Book – American, State, County, & Town Sources Eichholz 2004
REFERENCE 60 Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy Greenwood 2007
REFERENCE 61 Subject Collections   1993
REFERENCE 63 Subject Collections   1993
REFERENCE 64 The Family Tree Problem Solver-Proven methods for scaling the inevitable brick wall Rising 2005
REFERENCE 66 The Genealogist’s Companion & Sourcebook Groom 1994
REFERENCE 67 Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy Greenwood 2007
REFERENCE 67 The Genealogist’s Companion & Sourcebook Groom 1994
REFERENCE 70 The Sleuth Book for Genealogists-Strategies for more successful family history research Croom 2000
REFERENCE 74 Your Guide to the Family History Library: How to Access the World’s Largest Genealogy Resource Warren 2001
REFERENCE 116 Guide to Records in the National Archives-MidAtlantic Region, Philadelphia, Pa   1995
REFERENCE 134 Where to Write for Vital Records-Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce    
REFERENCE 135 In Search of Our Ancestors – 101 Inspiring Stories of Seredipity & Connection in Rediscovering Our Family History Smolenyak 2000
REFERENCE 136 Reading Old Title Deeds   1997
REFERENCE 150A The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy   1925
REFERENCE 150B The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy   1925
REFERENCE 150C The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy   1925
REFERENCE 180 The Family Tree Historical Newspapers Guide Beidler 2018
REFERENCE 181 Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors Quillen 2003
REFERENCE 182 Genealogy Online for Dummies Helm & Helm 1999
REFERENCE 193 Crash Course in Genealogy Dowell 2011
REFERENCE 195 The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy Szucs/ Luebking 1997
REFERENCE 197 Tips & Tricks for Online Genealogy Research Philbert-Ortega 2020
SPECIFIC 8 500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogical Problems   2003
SPECIFIC 10 A to Zax – Comprehensive Dictionary for Genealogists & Historians Evans 1995
SPECIFIC 11 Abbreviations and Acronymns Sperry 2003
SPECIFIC 16 Ancestry’s Concise Genealogical Dictionary Harris 1989
SPECIFIC 17 Citing Records in the National Archives of the US   2007
SPECIFIC 18 Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Genealogy    McClure 2000
SPECIFIC 19 Courthouse Indexes Illustrated Rose 2006
SPECIFIC 20 Design Your Own Coat of Arms- Intro to Heraldry Chorzempa 1987
SPECIFIC 48 Numbering Your Genealogy – Basic Systems, Complex Families & International Kin Curran, Crane, Wray 1999
SPECIFIC 69 The Local Historian’s Encyclopedia Richardson 1986
SPECIFIC 72 Understanding & Using Baptismal Records Humphrey 1996
SPECIFIC 73 Unlocking Your Genetic History- A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Family’s Medical & Genetic Heritage Shawker 2004
SPECIFIC 76 Courthouse Research for Family Historians Rose 2004
SPECIFIC 77 Land & Property Research in the US Hone 1997
SPECIFIC 100 Genealogical County Map of the US    
SPECIFIC 119 Photographing Your Heritage Shull 1988
SPECIFIC 120 Shoots – a Guide to Your Family’s Photo Heritage Davies 1977
SPECIFIC 121 Unlocking Secrets in Old Photographs Frisch-Ripley 1991
SPECIFIC 137 Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office    
SPECIFIC 138 Estate Inventories- How to Use Them    
SPECIFIC 141 How to Get the Most Out of Death Certificates    
SPECIFIC 142 The Genealogist’s Guide to Researching Tax Records    
SPECIFIC 143 My Ancestors Were Quakers -How Can I Find Out More About Them? Milligan, Thomas 1999
SPECIFIC 174 The Quaker Family in Colonial America Frost 1973
SPECIFIC 144 Producing a Quality Family History    
SPECIFIC 145 Preservation Guide Sagraves  
SPECIFIC 146 Genetic Connections Anderson 1995
SPECIFIC 194 Locating your Roots Using Land Records Hatcher 2003
SPECIFIC 196 Tracing Your Ancestors: DNA & Your Genealogy Dr. Maurice Gleeson 2018
STMD 126 Maryland Genealogical Research George Schweitzer 1991
STMD 128 National Genealogical Society Research in Maryland Shawker 2008
STNJ 122 Guide to Family History Sources in NJ State Archives   1994-3rd edition
STNJ 129 National Genealogical Society Research in NJ Agthe 2009
STNJ 175 New Jersey Archives   1901- vol 23
STNY 131 New York Genealogical Research George Schweitzer 1988
STPA 9 A Genealogist’s Guide to Pa Records Genealogical Society of Pa 1995
STPA 62 Silversmiths of Lancaster, Pa 1730-1850 Gerstell 1972
STPA 112 The Pennsylvania Militia in 1777 Roach  
STPA 118 Philadelphia Graveyards & Cemeteries Keels 2003
STPA 132 Pennsylvania Genealogical Research George Schweitzer 1993
STPA 163 Ancestral Trails – The Complete Guide to British Genealogy and Family History Herber 2004
STPA 165 The Pennsylvania Line- Regimented Organization and Operations 1775-1783 Trussell 1993
STPA 166 Pennsylvania Line-Research Guide to Pa Genealogy & Local History Iscrupe 1990
STPA 167 French, German, and Swiss Links in Pennsylvania Argo 1998
STPA 168 Guide to Genealogical Sources in the Pennsylvania State Archives Dructour 1998
STPA 169 Research in Pennsylvania Freilich 2007
STPA 170 Locating your Colonial German Ancestor in Pennsylvania Burghert 2001
STPA 171 Genealogical Research in Pa State Archives    
STPA 172 Pa State Genealogical Library Guide Heisey 1997
STPA 173 Guide to 1930 Pennsylvania City and County Records   2002
STPA 176 1885 Map of Pennsylvania w/ alphabetical list of towns   1992
STPA 117A Pa German Pioneers: original list of arrivals in Philadelphia 1727-1808 Strassburger & Hinke; Vol 1-3 1934
STVA 130 National Genealogical Society Research in Virginia Grundset 2007
    Der Neue Grosse Shell Atlas   1993
    Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors E. Thode 2000
    German/ English Genealogical Dictionary E. Thode 1992
    Cassell’s German Dictionary   1979

                  Genealogy Book and CD Lookups — By State

Colorado Author/Editor Contact
A History: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado
First Annual Report of the Union Colony including a history of the town of Greeley
The Union Colony at Greeley Colorado 1869-1871
Weld County Old and New, vol. 1: Chronology 1836-1983
David Boyd
George W. Southwick
James T. Willard
Carol Rein Shwayder
For all Colorado lookups:
Connecticut’s Revolutionary War Leaders
Commemorative Biographical Record of New Haven County, Connecticut
Connecticut’s Revolutionary Press
Families of Early Milford, Connecticut
History of Milford Connecticut 1639-1939
Inscriptions on Tombstones in Milford
Killingworth Tercentenary 1667-1968
New Haven County, Connecticut [24 books] [cd]
New Haven County, Connecticut (reprinted from: “Connecticut Historical Collections”)
Third Supplement to Torrey’s New England Marriages prior to 1700
North Callahan
J. H. Beers
Charles L. Cutler
Susan Woodruff Abbott
Federal Writers Project
Nathan G. Pond
John Barber
Meline Lutz Sanborn
For all Connecticut lookups:
Delaware Marriages and Deaths from Newspapers 1729-1853 Richards
Portrait and Biographical Album of Stephenson Co, Illinois [CD]
History of Cecil County, Maryland George Johnston
1820 Census of Maryland Parks
See All the People-in Lee, Massachusetts
An Historical Skedtc, Congregational, of the Church in Stockbridge, MA
West Stockbridge Massachusetts 1774-1974
Postal History of Berkshire County Massachusetts 1791-1981
Berkshire: 200 years in pictures 1761-1961
Florence Consolati
David Dudley Field
Edna Bailey Garnett
Leo Lincoln & Lee Drickamer
Tague, Kimball & Happel
For all Massachusetts lookups:
1906 Tax Payers Directory, Caldwell County, MO [CD] NA
New Jersey    
Hunterdon County NJ Marriages, 1795-1875 Hunterdon Co. Hist. Soc.
New York    
An Index to the Records: Town of Brookhaven [NY] up to 1800 George R. Nettleton
North Carolina    
Marriages of Bute and Warren Counties, North Carolina 1764-1868 Brent H. Holcomb
Ohio State History & Genealogy – PDF files of about 80 County histories
Regional or Statewide Resources    
Commemorative Bibliographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, including the counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson, and Clarion (CD)
Commemorative Bibliographical Record of Central Pennsylvania, Including the counties of Centre, Clinton, Union, and Snyder (CD)
History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata Valley 1856 (CD)
History of Juniata Valley — Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata and Perry Counties 1897 (CD)
History of Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys Embraced in counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union, and Snyder, 1896 (CD)
Genealogical and Personal History of Northern PA (CD)
Genealogical and Personal History of Western PA 1915 (CD)
Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania 1905 (CD)
Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography Volumes 1-3 – Jordan 1914 (CD)
Pennsylvania Genealogy Collection – Family Names, State-Counties, Churches, War History, Genealogy Research Kit (CD)
Pennsylvania State History & Genealogy – PDF files of about 69 counties and histories and old city maps (CD)
Pioneers and People 1800-1915 (CD)
Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pa. 1682-1750 Myers
Berks County    
Biographies Berks Co, PA; PDF — not searchable
Historical Biographical Anals of Berks Co, PA, 1909 (CD)
Blair County    
History of Huntingdon and Blair Co, PA – Africa 1883 (CD)
Twentieth Century History of Altoona and Blair County, PA (CD)
Bucks County    
A History of Land Ownership in Newtown, Bucks County, PA 1683-1850 Thomas C. Mayer
History of Bucks Co, PA 1887 (CD)
History of Bucks Co, PA – PDF – not searchable
Butler County    
History of Butler Co, PA (CD)
History of Butler County, PA 1883 (CD)
Centre County    
Centre Co, PA — American Revolutionary Soldiers & Patriots (CD)
Centre County, Pa, American Revolution Soldiers and Patriots (CD)
Centre County, PA Birth Records, 1893-1905 (CD)
Centre County, PA, Death Records, 1852-1854, and 1893-1905 (CD)
Centre County, PA, Delayed Birth Records (CD)
Centre County, PA, Marriage Index, 1764-2005 (CD)
History of Centre and Clinton Counties – Linn 1883 (CD)
Centre County Genealogical Society Newsletters, 1978-2007 (CD)
Chester County    
Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester Co, PA — 1893 (CD)
History of Chester County, Pennsylvania Futhey and Cope  
Early Church Records of Chester County, Pa. Vol. 1,2,3 Reamy
Wills of Chester Co., Pa. 6 Vols. 1713-1825 Martin
Clearfield County    
Clearfield Co, Pa Present and Past 1925 (CD)
History of Clearfield Co, PA (CD)
Twentieth Century History of Clearfield Co, PA (CD)
Clinton County    
Clinton County, PA Courthouse 9,300 Birth Records (CD)
Clinton County, PA, Marriages, 1885-2003 (CD)
Clinton County, PA Wills, 1839-1994 (CD)
History of Centre and Clinton Counties – Linn 1883 (CD)
Schracktown Cemetery, Clinton Co, PA – 2004 (CD)
The Stover Family — Staffort, Baden, Germany, to Centre County PA (CD)
Columbia County    
History and Biographical Anals of Columbia and Montour Counties, PA(CD)
Delaware County    
History of Delaware County, PA 1863 (CD)
Early Church Records of Delaware Co., Pa. Vol. 1,2,3 by Launcey
Pennsylvania Births, Delaware Co. 1682-1800 Humphery
Erie County    
1913 Erie County, PA, Directory (CD)
History of Erie Co, PA (CD)
History of Erie Co, PA from It’s Earliest Settlement, 1894 (CD)
Fayette County    
History of Fayette Co, PA (CD)
Franklin County
Historical Sketch of Franklin Co, PA, 1878 (CD)
Huntingdon County    
History of Huntingdon and Blair Co, PA – Africa 1883 (CD)
Indiana County    
Indiana Co, PA – Her People Past and Present
Jefferson County    
History of Jefferson County, PA (CD)
Lancaster County    
Authentic History of Lancaster Co, PA – J.I. Mombert 1869 (CD)
Lycoming County    
History of Lycoming Co, PA (CD)
Montgomery County    
History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – Bean 1884 (CD)
Montour County    
History and Biographical Anals of Columbia and Montour Counties, PA(CD)
Northumberland County    
Genealogical and Biographical Annals of Northumberland Co, PA 1911 (CD)
Perry County    
History of Perry Co, PA (CD)
Philadelphia County    
Ulster Immigration to Philadelphia Adams
Susquehanna County    
History of Susquehanna County, PA (CD)
Union County    
Lewisburg Cemetery, Union County PA (CD)
York County    
History of York Co, PA – Gibson 1886 (CD)
Washington County    
Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington Co, PA 1893 (CD)
1880 Census, Bedford County, Tennessee
Bedford County, Tennessee, Family History Book
Cemetery Records of Bedford County, Tennessee
Chancery Court Records of Bedford County, Tennessee
Early History & Genealogical Digest of Bedford County, Tennessee
Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford County, Tennessee
Franklin County, Tennessee Wills (1808-1886) and Deeds (1801-1840)
Byron & Barbara Sistler
Bedford Co. Historical Soc.
Timothy & Helen Marsh
Timothy & Helen Marsh
Timothy & Helen Marsh
Timothy & Helen Marsh
Thomas E. Partlow
For all Tennessee lookups:
Brunswick County, Virginia, 1720-1975
Colonial Surrey
Emigration to Other States from Southside Virginia, Volumes I and II
Marriage Records of Brunswick County, Virginia 1730-1852
Revolutionary War Records of Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Virginia Historical Genealogies
Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750
Gay Neale
John Bennett Boddie
Katherine B. Elliott
Augusta B. Fothergill
Katherine B. Elliott
John Bennett Boddie
Eliza Timberlake Davis
For all Virginia lookups:
General Research Books—North America    
American Origins David B. Trimble
The Ancestry Family Historian’s Address Book Juliana Szucs Smith
County Courthouse Book Elizabeth Petty Bentley
Directory of Genealogical and Historical Library Archives and Collections in the US/Canada Dina C. Carson
The Family Tree Resource Book for Genealogists Carnack, DeBartolo & Nevius
Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia
Land and Property Research in the United States E. Wade Hone
Printed Sources: A Guide to published genealogical records Kory L. Meyerink
The Source: a Guidebook of American Genealogy L. Szucs & S. Luebking

                  General Research Books—UK and Europe

A Directory of British Peerages Leeson
Genealogical Gazeteer of England
Local Newspapers—England, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight 1750-1920
A Concise History of Ireland Thames and Hudson
In Search of Your Irish Roots Baxter
Irish and Scottish Ancestral Research II Failey
Irish Family History Marilyn Yurdan
The Irish Famine Peter Gray
Lands and Their Owners in Galway, Vol. 5
Prerogative Wills of Ireland
The Surnames of Ireland MacLysaght
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors John Grenham
Ulster Emigration to Philadelphia Adams
Irish and Scottish Ancestral Research II Failey
Scottish Roots Alwyn Jones
The Scotch Irish James Leyburn
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors Scottish Record Office

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