Calendar of Programs and Events

Our meetings are held at 2:00pm, on the third Tuesday of each month, from September–May, and we welcome guests and prospective members who would like to attend. In addition, membership in the club is available to all Lancaster County residents for a nominal annual fee. All non-Willow Valley residents that wish to attend must contact George Nettleton for meeting location, directions, and additional information.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
2:00pm Spring Run Auditorium

Beginning Genealogy”
Why study genealogy?  Was that story grandpa told true?  Are you really related to _______?  Did great-great grandpa fight in the ______ War?  Genealogy can help you find answers to these and other questions. What you learn in the process can leave a valuable legacy for your grandchildren. It’s time to get started.

WVGC 2023-2024 Program Schedule Overview

September-Beginning Genealogy (Donna Backus)-

October-Chronologies, Charting-(Al Fulvio, George Nettleton & ?Terri Asche)

November-Digitizing notes, photos, etc. from paper (Bruce Mawson)

December-Christmas share time

January-Attacking Brick walls (Connie Cole-professional)

         Possible follow up workshop (Team-Donna Backus, Al Fulvio, Deb Oesch, etc.)

February-App tutorial (Bruce Thompson)

March-Using Family Tree Program-Joint Meeting with Computer Club (March 7th 2:00 pm)

         Possible follow up workshop (lead TBD)

April-Social Media & Genealogy (Barbara Park & Others)

May-Hands on help session (Al Fulvio, Donna Backus, George Nettleton, Deb Oesch, etc)


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Willow Valley Genealogy Club
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