Calendar of Programs and Events

Our meetings are held at 2:00pm, on the third Tuesday of each month, from September–May, and we welcome guests and prospective members who would like to attend. In addition, membership in the club is available to all Lancaster County residents for a nominal annual fee. All non-Willow Valley residents that wish to attend must contact George Nettleton for meeting location, directions, and additional information.

2021-2022 Schedule of Meetings and Programs

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Using City, County, and Other Directories to Their Full Advantage:   — 
Speaker: Deb Oesch

The kick-off speaker for the Willow Valley Genealogy Club 2021-2022 season is Deb Oesch.  It will be our first post-COVID live meeting. We have never done a meeting on City Directories before, so we all look forward to learning something new— like a few of their advantages: they are printed, and many are bi-annual, whereas census records are handwritten and only done every ten years.  City Directories can be invaluable to establish an ancestors residency over time.


Tuesday, October 10, 2021
 Orr Auditorium

Genie Lites:

Focus of Your Genealogy/Beginning Genealogy aka Common Sense Genealogy?  Peg Myrback will discuss goals, then steps on how to begin your genealogy project to be sure you have accurate information; this will also remind some of us with brick walls, how we might recheck our data to make sure our wall isn’t due to sloppy data.


Tuesday November 16, 2021

2:00pm Orr Auditorium


Genie Lites: ?DNA connections-Carol Fricke

DARBarbara Park: may mention other Heritage, etc., societies

       Barbara Park will briefly review the past and present mission of the DAR and then explain the  help the DAR Research Library and DAR on-line research data is available to the public.  The DAR and SAR application process will be illustrated with comparison and contrast of their requirements.  Other lineage societies will be mentioned.


Tuesday December 21, 2021

2:00pm Orr Auditorium

Genie Lites:  Grandpa’s Diary translation-Dick Yeskoo

DNA Share Time-A number of our members have had DNA testing and used results to find more about their family and ancestors. A few of our members will offer their experiences and then the floor will be open for others to mention theirs. Whether you’ve had your DNA analyzed or not, come and hear what others have experienced


Tuesday January 18, 2022

2:00pm Joseph F McDonald Auditorium, Spring  Run.

Genie Lites: How a presentation helped me-Peg Myrback

Chronologies, Timelines & Christmas letters-George Nettleton. Why make them; using and designing  them. NOTE NEW MEETING PLACE: 


Tuesday February 15, 2022

2:00pm Orr Auditorium

Genie Lites: ?Canadian Connections-Al Fulvio

Free Genealogy Websites- George Nettleton

       There are many websites that will not break your budget because they are free. They may give us ideas for reaching out source repositories where we can research our ancestors.

Tuesday March, 15, 2022

2:00pm Orr Auditorium

Genie Lites: ?Irish Ancestors-Margaret Cook

Preparing for the 1950 census-hands on-Al Fulvio

            Last year, Al did a talk on this, but now with the 1950 census coming available (un indexed!) next month, Al will give pointers and sources for finding our ancestors for those of us who don’t wish to wait until possibly December for this census to be indexed.


Tuesday April 19, 2022

2:00pm – Zoom Meeting Only (request link from

Genie Lites: Indexing Lancaster Tax records-Pat Burkhart

Tax Records Carol Darrow

       Though we’ve had a tax record talk before this one, like the September  City Directories talk, focuses on the fact that tax records are often available for many years between census, and they also may go back before 1790! If you think they only list the person and his tax, think again. Come and hear Carol discuss  the information they hold and you’ll be convinced to hunt for tax records for your ancestors. This will be a Zoom presentation, as Carol is in Colorado and we couldn’t afford her trip here.


Tuesday May 17, 2022

2:00pm Orr Auditorium

Genie Lites:

Encouraging your next of Kin-Al Fulvio

       For many of us, we’re either not sure if our children are interested in our genealogy or not; we may never have sat down with them to discuss it. Al will present some suggested methods to interest our children/family in genealogy, our own particularly. Come with pencil and paper or digital device to jot down some of his suggestions to try with your family.

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